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2nd-May-2014 09:34 am - Announcement
Mori no Kuma Scanlations is moving to tumblr! We will be moving our operations over to the tumblr site since we spend most of our time there. Nevertheless, we will still update this site for those who prefer to follow us using this.

Here is the site link:

Also if you guys want to pm us, DO NOT USE FACEBOOK TO PM US. We are unable to reply to you if you use facebook. Also, CHECK YOUR PRIVACY SETTINGS BEFORE YOU PM US. There have been several cases where some people pm me but I am unable to reply because your privacy settings does not allow me to.

Lastly, DO NOT ASK US ABOUT WANTING TO JOIN THE COMMUNITY. I HAVE REPEATED TIME AND TIME AGAIN THAT THE COMMUNITY IS MEANT FOR SCANLATION GROUP MEMBERS ONLY. Read the page located at the side bar.Even though we shifted our operations to tumblr, all our past WIP are still in there. I will not bother with people who ask me this question again cause I am fed up with answering the same thing all over again.

I ranted enough regard about the PM issues. Sorry if you guys have to see this but I think it is important for you guys to know.

Hopefully this will reduce the spamming of our inbox for now. Just kidding.


Download Shouwaru Ookami ga Koi wo Shita Rashii here.

And recently, it has come to our attention that some people are posting our links without our permission. One such example is the forums in Nihonomaru.

Thus we would like to give a huge reminder that before thinking about posting our links, please always ask for permission and link the credits back to us. I promise that we will not bite.

1st-Aug-2014 11:35 am - Kare no Tokubetsu na Kare Extra

This extra is focused on Louis and Yuuichi!


Download Kare no Tokubetsu na Kare Extra here.

Now that we tackled finished Volume 1, we only have Volume 2 left! Yay! Meanwhile our next release will be what tons of people are bugging our askbox about. Do look forward to it!

And do note that we named the previous chapter of this series wrongly. It's 5.5 and not chapter 6. Sorry about that!

This has been overdue for way too long and I bet you all know why... Sorry for the wait!


Download Warui Ouji Demo Suki here.

As usual, please not remove our credits. So please and thank you!

This series is officially my partner's baby. I'm not kidding.


Download Shouwaru Ookami ga Koi wo Shita Rashii here.

A huge reminder to not remove our credits. So please and thank you.

And also, our raws for chapter 3 will arrive in a weeks time. Yay!

She went ahead and did this all by herself again. Haha.


Download Shouwaru Ookami ga Koi wo Shita Rashii here.

And some T/N to take note of:

Towa did wrongly call Kousaka’s name. In chapter 1, I misread it as Matsuda. It was really supposedly Matsusaka. Forgive me.

The ※ talks about a specific law in Japan that prohibits people from taking a photo of anyone AND putting it up in public without the permission of the person involved. I think it works differently for the common people compared to celebrities/famous personalities. This short explanation should be taken as a grain of salt since I don’t fully grasp the entirety of the law. I just want to give everyone a general idea.”

10th-May-2014 09:44 pm - Kare no Tokubetsu na Kare Chapter 5.5

Not sure if it's chapter 6 or an extra. It's 5.5 LOL! Either way here's what you guys have been waiting for!


Download Kare no Tokubetsu na Kare Chapter 5.5 here.

And 1 more chapter left before volume 1 is completed before we can move on to volume 2!

5th-May-2014 10:16 pm - Hanataba Mitai ni Daitekure
Now that we are back to business, here's a series or rather oneshot chapter. Presenting one of Kinuta Nana's works, Hanataba Mitai ni Daitekure.

Download Hanataba Mitai ni Daitekure here.

Enjoy this new release while we continue to scanlate the many more series that we have pending.

Because my partner was super impatient, she went ahead and did almost everything by herself. In fact, I think she really like this pairing.
And now, presenting Sakuraga Mei's newest work~


Download Shouwaru Ookami ga Koi wo Shita Rashii here.

Hope you all enjoy this new series as much as my partner does!
Now that I have some time, I'll do my best and resume my scanlations work. Sorry for the wait!
25th-Mar-2014 01:02 am - UPDATE

Nope, this isn’t a release. Not yet. Boss Yuki is super, super busy for the past months that’s why we weren’t able to release as usual. But we’re back to our regular schedule on April.

Good news! Our magazines are on their way! I’m expecting a tankobon and a magazine *wink*wink* both from Sakuraga-sensei if not this week, the next. We’re excited! Boss’ magazines too will be arriving this April. Loads of new chapters to do. Not to mention the stockpile of issues with the latest chapters of Kare no Tokubetsu na Kare Boss is currently hoarding.

We’ll try to catch up with the Narusaka-sensei, Sakuraga-sensei and Nekono-sensei chapters this April!

Until then!

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